things that still go bump in the night

So I walk up the stairs… and I’m pretty frustrated. Neighbor guy has been rattling our apartment all day AGAIN. I thought to myself that I should pray before I go up, you know, to have the mind of Christ. But I didn’t. Thought I should confess that.

A guy in his 40’s answers. I explain. He says it was his SON that was staying at his place when Lindsay went up (so it was his son who did the stomping). That kid’s got a headlock coming.

Then he invites me to come inside his apartment. I concur.

It’s totally quiet. He’s actually watching the same show we’re watching. But its sounds the same in his apartment as it does in ours. His speakers just bump, even when they’re not bumping.

He turned the bass setting down.


5 thoughts on “things that still go bump in the night”

  1. gees, that was anti-climactic. I at least wanted a tire slashing or something. well, rest easy my friend.

  2. Been there! The joys of apartment living! We live on level 3 just for that reason, but we still hear the neighbors TV…

  3. Three things:
    1. I’m glad your neighbor nightmare is over.
    2. You lie. You don’t live in Santa Ana.
    3. Please RSS your entire posts. It is so frustrating.

  4. 1. It’s not over… he still bumps. I just wanted a happy ending so I made one up.

    2. Touche’

    C. For you, anything 🙂 I’m still a novice. I don’t even have a real web address.

  5. Keep us updated. I bet you end up leading him to Christ or something! 🙂

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