4 thoughts on “loving my neighbor”

  1. Uh oh. video blogs now!


    Thinking about stopping by at the end of summer, if you’re open!

  2. if I’m open depends on when you were going to “stop by”! it would be great to see ya

  3. o man ha ha i hate neighbors like that…but i would just think back to the days when you used to just party it up a little, and think how you wouldn’t have wantd to be told and from there think of every other differnt thing that isn’t one of those….haha i’m loving the fridge dude! the chicken in there is amazing!!!!

  4. thats hilarious… thats the curse that comes with the blessing of irvine living. lol we had a neighbor who liked to start his “bump” music right around 10:30 everynight. it was retarted! so we did the whole knock, “hey sorry were trying to get to sleep can you turn it down?” but it seemed as if he would only turn the treble down and possibly turn the bass up. so it got to the point where we’d call security on them and let them deal with it and then you remain anonymous.

    btw, when you first said bump i thought it was a “different type” of bump

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