Looks like I’m heading to Boracay with a team of our high school students! We’re over there on August 1st-14th to do meet a handful of needs.

When I Google “Boracay” I find all sorts of information on tourism, and a multitude of pictures that look very Hawaii’ish.

It’s sad how often poverty and paradise are neighbors.

More info to come 🙂

3 thoughts on “Boracay”

  1. That is awesome!
    Now I know 3 people that are off over the summer. Keira leaves in 3 days!

  2. you are going to have a horrible time there. Seems like your having a lot of fun man. I miss you TONS!!!!! take your kids to mexico. i cant wait to live in my car in your parking lot.

  3. Linds and I miss you too!!!

    MCM is a definite, but we probably won’t make it there before you leave!

    I’ve already been trying to get you a job out here! We may have to Kerrigan a couple fellas to make it happen. I have a garage, with a light, so you’re good to go. The apartment pool area has a shower too. You could just build an MCM shelter on our patio!!!

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