my holy name

This is the first week for our freshmen. They were a little nervous on Sunday, which is pretty understandable. It’s a scary thing to be a freshman! They’re vulnerable little creatures.

On the first day of my senior year in high school a few of my friends and I stood at the entrance of our campus and waited for the freshmen to arrive.

We walked over to them individually and asked if we could help them find where they needed to go. Because that’s what nice guys do, right?

Innocent Freshman: “I’m supposed to be in the ‘C Building’ for math in two minutes!”

Wicked Ryan: “Oh ok, well you just walk down this path right here for about a hundred yards, hook a left, then a right, then another right, and you’re there buddy! Hey look for me at lunch, you can sit with us!”

Well that seems pretty helpful doesn’t it? Except that we would point them in the exact opposite direction than where they should be going, ha!

I’m trying to redeem myself! I know that there are so many names that our students will learn in the coming months, but only one that can point them towards the best kind of life. Only one that can satisfy them. I think that’s why God is so protective of His name… he doesn’t want anyone to be misled! To make any other name great, including mine, is to mislead them.

7 thoughts on “my holy name”

  1. haha! thanks Matt. having a job has ruined my blogging career.

    Nick, we’ll always be friends. Stop being a sissy.

  2. I sure hope you didn’t share that with the high school kids! Some of my kids are extemely suggestible and would only be too happy for pranks! Actually, my son (Miller) is enjoying you, and I thank you for opening up to the kids. Look forward to getting to know you better, Ryan

  3. Thanks Susie 🙂

    I haven’t shared that story with the students… yet!

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