almost settled

A heat wave hit Orange County this week… fantastic timing! I looked like Nixon during the 1960 Presidential debates this morning up on stage. A few days ago someone actually asked “Hey Ryan, are you ok???” as I was carrying boxes into our apartment covered in sweat. It’s filthy hot outside…

This morning was Sunday #1 at Calvary for Linds and I, and “Promotion Sunday” for the freshman class. We’ve got a little party planned for them at 7:00, so I’m taking a break at Panera again. I love the food here, but Paradise Bakery was a cooler environment. They both have free coffee, so I’m able to indulge all day long in my socially acceptable addiction.

The sermon today in “big church” was titled “What Happens When I Die?“, and it got me hungry to get back into some teaching. It made me wish that churches were set up in a way that was more of a tag-team teaching approach. Eric was bringing the heat, and I don’t mean that I wanted to have him sit down, I just wanted to tap in and share some thoughts! This series looks like a great one.

This week is nuts. We’ve got the freshman shindig tonight, then tomorrow and Tuesday are full-swing with meetings and first week stuff, there’s a bonfire at the beach on Wednesday for the high school kiddos, and then a Bible study on Thursday morning! It’ll be a great week to get to know the team and the kids. Speaking of the team, they were awesome this morning. They stepped up big time when about 94 challenges were handed to them at the last minute. I’m really looking forward to working with all of them!!! First up, I think we’ll run through Strengths Finders, and then some Made to Stick action after that!

2 thoughts on “almost settled”

  1. Hi Ryan…we still haven’t met yet. John and I have been in Mexico, and are settling back in to civilization. I’m reading your blog to determine if I like you or not. 🙂 You scored big points when you mentioned Strength Finders and Stick. We are big fans, and have given our girls copies. It’s really fun to talk about their/our strengths with them. See you Sunday. Maybe I’ll introduce myself.

  2. HAHA! Thanks Cathy- I’ll try not to disappoint you face to face. I’m much cooler on my blog than in real life 😉

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