<This post gets so many hits from people searching for “ugly baby”… why do so many people search for ugly babies? And how did Google pick my page? The phrase “ugly baby” didn’t even appear in this post until now.>

Lindsay flies out to California tonight to do some apartment shopping tomorrow. I’m not going because I’ve already been out there and seen a handful of ones I liked– she can pick whichever one she wants though.

Tomorrow night she hops on a plane from Orange County to Ohio because her big sister is about to bring a baby girl into the world! I’m guessing its a girl, because the dad is a big manly-man type, and manly men always have little girls. But we really don’t know for sure.

When the baby is born I’ll hop on a plane and head out there too. But I’m staying here until then to pack up our house, and also to drive up to Prescott for a little family get-together before we move.

We will both, at some point, come back to Arizona, load a Uhaul, and drive to California.

So Lindsay is in Arizona then California then Ohio then Arizona and then California, over a period of about 12 days. I’m not quite as hectic, but it’s not pretty!!

Rock stars?

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