So, last night I was walking Bella and…

true story.

Never a dull moment in the life of Ryan Guard.

Maybe God has something up his sleeve in this whole thing…

5 thoughts on “So, last night I was walking Bella and…”

  1. Why do riveting things only happen around you?
    “Hi I’m Ryan. It’ll be 100 degrees tomorrow, even though the weather man says it’ll be 80 with a breeze…”
    and then it’s true.

  2. And now i realize those two statements are both irrelevant from each other…

  3. that was YOU?! why doesnt that crap ever happen to me? can I get you to autograph a dog collar for me?

  4. yep… I wish it was someone else.

    This is like crime #257 that I’ve witnessed this year.

    I hope my part is done with this whole thing, but I doubt it is.

  5. HAHAHA. are you freeking kidding me? a man walking his dog. hahahahah. only you bro, only you.

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