the Palm Treo

So I renewed my contract with Sprint a couple months ago and got this

It looks sweet, right? I needed something that would sync up with my calendar and email and all that, and it does.

But it is a lousy phone! Why?

It picks up EVERY single background noise within fifteen feet, and amplifies that noise by about 100 decibels.

So, If I’m sitting on my couch and I’ve got a load of clothes in the washer, people think I’m out white-water rafting. I’ve had some long phone calls and tried to sneak into the bathroom a few times… busted every time. That’s embarrassing folks! But do you know when it’s the worst?

When I’m on a phone interview with a church. The Palm Treo is my talking stain…

7 thoughts on “the Palm Treo”

  1. that’s to bad man. I have a treo that i’ve had for about a year and love it. I don’t think I have that issue, at least no one has caught me in the boys room. It must be Sprint, you need to come over to the darkside of verizon.

  2. I tried to make the switch to Verizon, but I was lured away from them by Sprint’s seductive free phone offer…(the Treo)!!

    I was duped.

  3. Haha!
    Man, you can’t hide from that bathroom echo….
    Tell me how those interviews are going!

  4. When using the bathroom while on the phone, be sure to aim at the side of the bowl above the water line. It’s much quieter. And be sure not to flush till your off the phone.

  5. Don’t diss the Treo. I seriously haven’t experienced your problems. But I’m Verizon too. I guess if you pay twice as much for a data plan then the phone part works better.

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