Dear diary

Well here we are, 26 days before the severance package ends. I thought that by now I would have landed a job, sold the house, and saved the day. But so far… no such luck. For those of you that own a house in Arizona, you know that this is no longer something to be excited about. I think that I could sell my baseball card collection for more than my house right now.

Right now we have a handful of churches we’re talking to. There are a couple in California, one in Florida, and all-the-sudden this beauty in Nashville just hit the radar. There’s a local church that I’d love to work at, but I’d have to Tonya Harding a friend of mine to get the job I’d want. I’ve applied at IJM like eight times and World Relief a time or two, but apparently I’m rejection-letter material. That’s ok, because I’m horribly under-qualified for every job I keep applying for!! My cover letters are pretty inspiring though…

This whole thing has been crazy, but the truth is, I’ve never felt closer to God. It’s a different kind of closeness than I’m used to for sure, but it’s a closeness nonetheless. I have no idea how we’re going to pull all of this off, but I’m confident that God will provide everything we need. It might not look like what I had in mind, but at the end of the day, we’re in good hands. There are a couple churches we’re really excited about, and even if those don’t work out, I have no doubt that God will find a place for us to plug in and do some damage for the kingdom. We’ll keep you posted!

3 thoughts on “Dear diary”

  1. A real friend would step aside and let you have it…

    …Crap, what am I saying?

  2. Praying for ya each day!
    Hopefully God makes the direction quite evident sometime soon.
    Although, I’m not sure how I feel about you moving all the way to Nashville!
    Hands and feet!

  3. Well, until you learn the lesson God has for you to learn, you won’t see any doors open up. Trust me, take a hard look at yourself and figure out what God is trying to teach you. You’ll be amazed.

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