can’t sleep

I wish I never had to sleep. I remember reading something somewhere that said God designed us to need sleep to remind us that we aren’t God and we need rest.

I used to have a really difficult time sleeping. I would get this strange thought in my head every night, one that I can’t really describe, but it had something to do with how I would lay somewhere for eight hours but it would only feel like a few minutes. One minute you close your eyes, and one minute you open them, but they were closed for 480 other minutes… that freaked me out for some reason. I think that’s when I started reading at night. It put me to sleep. But now reading keeps me awake (if I’m digging the book).

What puts you to sleep? What keeps you awake?

2 thoughts on “can’t sleep”

  1. My mind keeps me up at night.
    I’ll sing songs in my head and my fingers will tap the wall.
    I wish I could stop it!


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