mike yaconelli

Oh man, this is so good. I feel like I should put up a disclaimer saying something like “The views and opinions expressed in this video are not necessarily shared by the owner of this blog” but… that wouldn’t be very courageous, now would it? Mike wouldn’t have fit in well at my grandparents fancy dinners. I think Jesus must have just snatched him up because he couldn’t stand to be away from him any more.

6 thoughts on “mike yaconelli”

  1. Thanks. I miss Mike.

    Whenever I heard him speak, I always left with the impression that someone was cheering for me, and fighting for me.

    2:34 – 4:24 is what I’m really having a hard time with right now.

  2. Kerry,

    Was the Myers Briggs crack bugging you? I see a ton of value in the Strengths Finders, Briggs, and DISC tests. I think that the traditional management model in ministry is flawed. For the most part, churches seem to ignore what the tests say and ask people to do a multitude of things that they have no business doing!

    John, go get em 🙂

  3. You should read Contemplative Youth Ministry by Mike’s son Mark Yaconelli. I think it would hit home for you.

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