7 thoughts on “painless”

  1. congrats on no cavities! i linked here from rag soul.
    i taught in chandler for 10 years. lived in dobson ranch until 02. went to scottsdale baptist for a bit. know the guys at lifequest really well. and was in the same employment situation as you two years ago.
    hang in there. i’ll be checking back.

  2. thanks John! My family and my old church have some deep roots over at Scottsdale Baptist- and the Lifequest guys are some great ones 🙂

  3. i went to SBC mid 90s and was involved when morgan and murray were there. gil jones, too. did you know him?

  4. Murray’s a buddy of mine, and I’ve met Scott Morgan. I’ve heard of Gil Jones but never met him. My cousins Allan Firman, Nicole and Jimmy Brown went there, and so did my brother Sean Guard. I’d guess you know Bob Dunn too (everybody knows Bob). I went there for Awanas as a kid, and to get drunk on their roof as a teenager.

  5. Congrats! It’s rare to find a clean mouth in five year olds…

    when’s your shindig thing on that one sunday?

  6. true story: I played pool with Scott Murray buck naked… no joke… then we got in a jacuzzi spa.

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