all sales are final

The yard sale was a huge success! We raked in $326, the Williams’ made about $400, and the Axtell’s… about $40. My wife is a savage negotiator, but not as bad as JW. A cute little old lady bought a picture frame from him, went home with it and discovered that it didn’t fit. She came back with it, saw one that did fit and asked if he would exchange the frames. Jason’s response:

“All sales are final, ma’am.”

The next day we took Bella the Beast to the new Gilbert dog park. She’s the biggest bully. She punked a Great Dane and a Schnauzer in a span of about 2 minutes. She’s guardcore.

We got some volleyball action going at the Evjen’s sweet pad… I get so cranky when people aren’t as competitive as I am. Everyone’s laughing but I’m yelling “Bump, set, spike! Bump, set, spike!” I need counseling.

4 thoughts on “all sales are final”

  1. I can’t wait til you’re a father, teach your kids how to throw punches when they see kids at the park!

  2. guess she should have took the time to measure her little picture then….

    I also punch babies.

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