a perfect gift

Lindsay watches the two cutest kids on the planet, William and Jackson. I got to hang with them a little bit today. William’s three and Jackson’s 9-months.

Go ahead and soak in the cuteness for a sec…

They went to lunch today at Burger King. I got a call from Linds saying I should come outside to the driveway because Will had a present for me. I thought maybe it would be some leftover fries, an apple turnover, or maybe one of those sweet crowns. Nope. It was a necklace from one of those toy capsule machines… you know the ones.

The truth is that it’s a goofy necklace. It’s market value in somewhere in the range of about a penny. Even if Justin Timberlake wore the thing and started a new sweet trend, the trend would pass in a few months, as all trends should.

But to William, it was a perfect. And that makes it perfect to me. I didn’t tell him about the market value or trend-setting potential of the necklace he chose for me. He loved it, so much that he bought one for himself too, so that we could share in the joy of this Burger King treasure.

Why would it be any different with our relationship with God?

His gift let me take a deep breath and worry less about the font on my resume’, or which sermon on DVD I would mail to so and so that might impress them, or which outfit to wear for my next church visit… Because “man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

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