I’ve been digging into NT Wright’s latest this week, “Surprised by Hope“. If you’re a reader, this is worth reading. Especially if you’ve read any of the Left Behind gibberish. The book is all about future judgment, and how the church has screwed the whole doctrine up.

Check this ditty out from page 141:

“The main point to notice, once more, is that all future judgment is highlighted basically as good news, not bad. Why so? It is good news, first, because the one through whom God’s justice will finally sweep the world is not a hard-hearted, arrogant, or vengeful tyrant but rather the Man of Sorrows, who was acquainted with grief; the Jesus who loved sinners and died for them; the Messiah who took the world’s judgment upon himself of the cross.”

When you think of JESUS and JUDGMENT at the same time, what sort of picture comes to mind? Even if your picture of Jesus includes him in a tuxedo t-shirt, you may be closer to the truth than many pastors I’ve heard speak on the topic.

8 thoughts on “hope”

  1. I just picked up his book, The Challenge of Jesus… we can be NT Wright reader-buddies!

  2. Hooray! I SHOULD be reading the classifieds… NT isn’t hiring. Looking for a job on churchstaffing feels like trying to find a wife on eharmony. I’m going to go with a Taiwanese accent for the next chenis-driven church that calls. Perhaps bust out in some tongues.

  3. Why do churches not talk about hope more often? It’s such a central theme of our faith and a core aspect of God Himself. Lately I’ve felt less hope and more disappointment from the church.

  4. enjoy reading your blog, ry! in fact, it’s been a bit of an inspiration to give the blogger world a try. yikes! know that you and linds are in my prayers and i’m so excited to see where God directs you guys!

  5. nice! this little blog of mine has spread the good news of blogging to quite a few people 🙂

  6. Oh, I have to read that book now. Just out of curiousity, what is your view on the end times? I’m not sure I’ve heard it.

  7. Nope, you haven’t heard it 🙂

    I think that God will make all things new. I don’t think we’ll do much floating in mid-air. I don’t think Jesus will press the evacuate button to rescue all of “his people” from the “wicked world”. That sounds nice and convenient, but it doesn’t seem to be his style. This book has a lot to say about the second coming. It’s not the easiest read, but it debunks a whole bunch of misconceptions and plot lines to horrible Christian movies and books about the end times.

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