upside down world

Sometimes I wonder why I ever make plans at all.

I think that God delights in hijacking our plans. I wonder if he gathers the angels together when one of us comes up with a really clever plan of our own. I can picture it now…

“Hey angels, come over here and check this out. Ryan’s got an idea over here. He’s been working so hard at bringing it to life. It’s so cute when he makes plans. Somebody take a picture, we’ll put this one on the fridge next to the other ones.”

Sometimes I forget that I’m not the savior. Sometimes I forget that God is so much more concerned with the man I am becoming than with anything else. Sometimes he needs to remind me that there’s nothing predictable or mundane about following Jesus. Sometimes I think he really meant it when he said that he’s got tomorrow under control.

Deep breath… and here we go.

4 thoughts on “upside down world”

  1. How do I mark this as a favorite?

    Was this for the 11th of April or one of those days which was left empty for the schedule?

  2. Well said. I often feel like this. One of my favorite verses in Proverbs talks about how man makes plans in his heart, but the lord determines his steps. That’s always made me think about how no matter what I think Im gonna do or where Im going, it’s really only just a plan, not an execution, not the way it is going to get done for sure, just really my best guess, leaving the rest up to God. I guess when we remember that, it teaches us more about our complete dependence on Him.

  3. And then there’s

    “Oh Ryan. You’re so foolish. Here, look this way. I’ve got something bigger…”

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